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{Cute Gender Reveal Ideas And Tips For Planning Your Event}
Gender Reveal is the term used to describe an event where the gender of a person is revealed. Many parents-to-be prefer to keep the gender of their unborn baby a secret up until as close to the time of the baby’s arrival as possible. Of course, all of your friends and family will be dying to find out if your new baby is really a girl or a boy, so why not celebrate the upcoming birth by holding a gender reveal party? This is an excellent time to find out the sex of the new member of your family. Here are some Gender Reveal ideas for making your big day perfect.

Most couples prefer to use traditional colors when having a gender reveal party. The color blue has been associated with weddings and is often a sign of purity. Pink is typically associated with couples who are hoping to become parents. A Gender Reveal Decoration is very easy to make. For example, you may print up some clip art invitations that say, “Come on girls, it’s time for a Gender Reveal Party!”

The decorations needed for a party theme are easy to find. All it takes is a little planning to create beautiful pink or blue themed decorations. When choosing decorations, the size of your home will play a large role in the type of decorations you choose. If you live in a large Victorian style home, there are many different decorations you could use to create a beautiful effect. You could hang a large portrait of your soon to be spouse from the ceiling or have it done up on the wall.

Some other fun ideas for Gender parties include using a blue or pink balloons as place card holders for guests. Guests can then take home their card for decoration at home. Another fun idea is to have each guest write a short message to their significant other on their personalized place card. This can be anything from, “I hope you will love me for always” to “I hope you will always remember me.” After all, this is just for fun, so if you change your mind, you just have to switch the cards!

A Gender Reveal Decoration idea

that is not too common is to use pink and blue balloons. Whether baby blue or not, both colors are beautiful. Typically the balloon colors are chosen based on whether the person to be revealed is a boy or girl. Some couples prefer the traditional colors of black and white, while others may opt for a pink and blue balloons if changing their gender occurs after the Gender Reveal. Either way, it is an awesome idea for a Gender Reveal party