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Baby Boy Shower
Decoration Ideas is very easy to make with a little guidance.. Purchase balloons or other party favors online and create custom invitations with baby decorations.

Baby Boy Shower Decorations for Little Men If you are having a boy baby shower, then don’t forget to dress up the little guys! boy theme parties are always a hit because little guys love to feel special, just like little boys themselves. Give the little guy a bow tie! Fun and colorful, the bow tie is a classic accessory and a perfect way to add flair to any baby boy’s party. For a fun and whimsical touch, pair the bow tie with a bright-blue pacifier, or for something a little more formal, match the pacifier with a matching diaper tie.
Baby Boy Shower Decoration Ideas
For Little Ladies This baby shower favor idea is both cute and functional. Purchase a photo cred album and purchase one photo for each guest as well as a sheet of blank invitation cards. Have each guest write a name and birth date on their scrapbook before they put their photo into the album. Then, pre-write their sweet nothings on the back of the invitation cards. You can add baby picture frames, stickers or invitations with bows and ribbons to complete the basket.

Baby Boy Shower Decoration Ideas For Little Men Just because your little man is growing up doesn’t mean you can’t throw a party for him! In the same way that baby girls enjoy the sweet feeling of receiving small gifts from their mums, little boys enjoy receiving gifts from their dads. A great idea for your boy’s shower is to set up a photo booth at the party. Have guests pose for a camera while they hold a long glass of fruit juice (make sure it has no citric acid) and they get to look into the view. The dad of the lucky boy can then snap a photo of the lucky gentleman and include it in his little boy’s card.