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Number Balloon Theme Ideas

Number Balloons Theme A fun party game for all ages and skill levels is to throw a “Balloon Race” with a variety of party favors. Use a balloon theme like a wedding, birthday, or any special event. The more unique the balloon theme the better.

To get started: Choose a location where there will be ample room for balloons. Cover ground on all sides with a large sheet of cardboard to act as a cushion. A Fun-Hands Love Up Balloons Sets would be perfect for this location. Have balloons lined up in a square formation as the race begins. The first person to complete the obstacle course wins.

Balloons come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. For this project, try to pick the size and color that match the theme you are using. Look for helium balloons. They are safe and can be used multiple times. The only rule is to make sure they have no sharp edges so that nothing cuts the guests or bounces away from the projector screen.

Cut out balloon shapes from a package of balloons that your kids will love. Have a variety of balloons ready like a birthday balloon or a wedding balloon for each guest. However, if you want to make the balloon events more fun to have a variety of colors that coordinate with the theme you choose.

Have lots of balloons ready when the day arrives. Be sure to provide plenty of paper, colorful raffia, balloons and other themed accessories like streamers and balloons. Balloons come in many shapes, but the most popular are: stars, hearts, a star, wedding, round, square, octagon, and circle. Add colorful embellishments like flowers and ribbons to your party supplies to make them more attractive.

If you are worried that your budget is too tight, don’t worry. There are great balloon decorating ideas that you can find online. Pick up some inexpensive balloons and decorations at stores and online. You can decorate them however you want and make it look as fancy and expensive as you want. Balloon decorations are a lot of fun especially when you have the number 7th birthday boy at the party.

To make your party even more unique, add in a special touch like a birthday cake. For a number 7 party you can use an old birthday cake and fill it with balloons. The cake decoration can be done in the same color scheme as your balloons, or you can use one of your favorite colors. Decorating the cake with a number 7 theme is easy; you can add in a number of candles on the base of the cake or place a star on the top of the cake.

To make the atmosphere more exciting, you can also add a few fog machines and inflatable toys. Just put these items along the path leading to the venue where the party is being held. To finish off your balloon decorating, blow out small birthday candles and place them around the area. The candles will surely add a wonderful fragrance to the atmosphere.