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Chalkboard writing instrument is a writing utensil that has been around for many decades. The earliest versions were not too successful because it was difficult to write with chalk on a flat surface. As time passed the improvements were made and now the modern chalkboard is very useful as a writing tool. There are different types of chalkboards that are available today depending on their usage. There are those used in schools, colleges, home and office. Some of the most common types of chalkboards are discussed below.

Flat Chalkboard: This is one of the oldest types of chalkboards and very simple to use. These are normally used in schools and colleges. Chalkboard paint is also a special paint that makes a chalkboard look like a rough writing surface in much the same way as an old-fashioned blackboard or slate board. The paint dries very quickly and the board surface is sealed very well to protect the chalk.

Smooth Chalkboard: These smooth chalkboards are usually made from plywood and not the wood like boards. They are polished and have a rubberized coating on them so that they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They are popular with writers as these make writing on them very easy. These are good quality chalkboards that you can purchase from any good quality arts and crafts store. You will get these at a reasonable price and if you can buy a couple of these then you will have enough chalkboards for your school library.

Pencil Collapsible: These are basically the modern variation of the chalkboard. A chalkboard with a pencil tray and pencil crayons is known as a collapsible chalkboard. The chalk on the board can easily be wiped off with a piece of cloth or a towel after using the chalk. A chalkboard without a tray is known as a regular chalkboard. You will find a lot of teachers using the latter type of chalkboard in the classroom because it is easy to wipe off and you can write directly on it.

Paint Marker Pads: You can paint your chalkboards with any colors of paint you want. However, make sure that you do not put too much paint on the board as it will smear. The paint should only be on the top most part of the surface. Some chalkboards have chalk paint markers attached to them but this is only necessary when you are writing on the board and not drawing. It is also not required when you are writing on the surface.

Chalkboard Paint: You can also use regular chalk dust and paint these as well. This makes them as nice as the smooth chalkboards. You can also use regular pencil crayons on the surface of these chalkboards.