12 Colors Outline Art Markers
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12 Colors Outline Art Markers


12 Pieces double line pen markers outline marker pens permanent double outline pens self-outline metallic markers colored painting double-line pens for Card drawing, greeting cards and craft.

Using instructions:

  • Each time before use, please shake the pen to make the metallic ink evenly mixed into the pigment ink.
  • Press the pen on the table several times to pump out ink.
  • Due to the strong penetrability of the ink, it is recommended to use paper with a thickness of 80 g or more to avoid the ink penetrating the opposite side of the paper.
  • Re-cap the marker pens immediately after use and store horizontally.
  • When not in use, the metallic ink and the pigment ink will separate, resulting in only one color or the metallic color is not obvious when applied again. At this time, please shake the pen to mix the two inks evenly.

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