Electric Balloon Air Pump Single Nozzle
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Electric Balloon Air Pump Single Nozzle


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  • – Controls motor temperature by using the high speed air stream so as to maintain motor under working temperature for longtime usage, but don’t exceed 2 hours of continuous operation.
    – It’s special nozzle makes operation much easier. It starts when you press down the nozzle and stop immediately when releasing, if large number of balloons need inflating, you may turn on the button for continuous use.
    – Two operation modes, you can choose Operation 1 for inflating single or few balloons, and Operation 2 for inflating many balloons continuously.
  • Operating Modes:
    – Connect plug to suitable AC socket.
    – Operation 1: Pinch the edge of the balloon with the fingers first, and cover the inflation port with the balloon, then press the inflation port slightly to inflate the balloon and release the inflation port to stop.
    – Operation 2: For inflating the balloons continuously, please switch on; then cover the inflation port with balloon to inflate, and switch off to stop.
  • Power Supply:
    – US: AC110V ~ 120V, 60Hz
    – EU: AC220V ~ 240V, 50Hz
  • Consumption: 300W
  • Warnings:
    – AC power must be up to the specifications of the product when used.
    – Never leave pump unattended while the pump is in use.
    – Do not keep/use the pump in wet condition.
    – Never allow sand, small rocks to be sucked into inflation port & blow hole when using the pump.
    – Never look inside or point the inflation port & blow hole toward your eyes when the pump is working.
    – Never attempt to put hand or fingers into the inflation port & blow hole at any time.


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